Designwerk GmbH of Winterhur is developing and producing the next generation of electrically powered commercial vehicles together with reputable partners under the name Futuricum.

Automotive innovation “Made in Switzerland”

Just over 100 years ago, watch-maker and designer Martin Fischer presented a vehicle with revolutionary ignition and transmission technology to the world.

The device bore the name Turicum – in reference to the manufacturing site in Zurich. In 1908 the annual production of the ensuing company Turicum AG amounted to 200 vehicles; the company maintained numerous representations throughout Europe and overseas.

Today we are writing a new chapter of Swiss innovation history. Designwerk GmbH of Winterhur is developing and building the next generation of electrically powered utility vehicles together with reputable partners under the name Futuricum.

The name Futuricum stands for:

  • An homage to Switzerland’s vehicle-building pioneers
  • The commitment to Switzerland/Zurich as a development and production site
  • The promise to actively shape the future of electric mobility

Designwerk: think tank for electro-mobility

The company Designwerk GmbH was founded in Winterthur in 2007 with the objective of driving the development of electro-mobility forwards through innovative products and to make it more attractive.

Designwerk attracted particular attention with its enclosed motorcycle named Zerotracer, which achieved the first ever circumnavigation of the world in a purely electrically-powered vehicle. It was followed by the mail delivery vehicle DXP, an electric indoor cart, the first 18-tonne e-truck and numerous other vehicle conversions.
The young company is meanwhile considered a specialist for the integration of high-efficiency drive technologies, the constructional design of powertrains, the construction of high-performance batteries and the production of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


The future belongs to electro-mobility. It has already arrived in the field of private transport.

Various manufacturers offer affordable electric vehicles that hardly differ from traditional models with conventional drive systems when it comes to comfort and functionality. This development is still in its infancy in the utility vehicle segment. There is, however, no other segment where electrification would make more sense. An electric drive concept designed in particular for municipal vehicles is especially expedient, given the low daily mileage rate and daily use in residential areas and urban centers. This is where Futuricum will focus its attention to bring innovation and shape the future.