Designwerk specialises in the development of vehicle and charging systems. The young Swiss company based in Winterthur develops comprehensive systems for clients from study to prototype in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software. Product design is also an integral component of our process. Designwerk gets prototypes on the road quickly and efficiently thanks to its sound knowledge in the field of vehicle design, transmission development and FEM calculation.

Bundesamt für Energie BFE

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s Pilot, Demonstration and Lighthouse program promotes the market-driven development of innovative technologies and solutions in the clean-tech segment. It supports projects that are aimed at the economical and efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energy sources.

Contena-Ochsner AG

For the majority, they are merely garbage trucks, screening machines, crushers, roll-on/roll-off containers, deposit tippers or road sweepers - but for Contena-Ochsner AG it is an economical concept. No matter which waste fractions, waste removal areas or containers – Contena-Ochsner AG has the ideal solution for every purpose.

Volvo Group (Schweiz)

Volvo Group is present in 190 countries, has production facilities in 10 countries and employs a workforce of 100,000 employees around the world. The first Volvo truck saw the light of day in 1928. Since then Volvo Group has developed into the largest manufacturer of HGVs in Europe. The innovation and reliability of Volvo trucks are legendary. They are founded on three principal values: quality, safety and environmental protection They all find expression in every aspect of vehicle operation.


Batteriewerk Schweiz AG develops and produces individual, modular lithium-ion batteries for utility and municipal vehicles and all kinds of mobile applications. The company has applied Swiss power of innovation and technological know-how to develop a globally unique modular system for customised energy storage solutions: compact, modular, powerful. Batteriewerk provides an important contribution towards economic, sustainable mobility.

Huber + Suhner

Globally active Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces components and system solutions for electrical and optical connection technology. Their products stand out through top performance, quality, reliability and longevity, even under demanding external conditions.

Haldimann AG

All our services have a common denominator: They are characterised by our drive for quality. When we take charge of waste materials, recycle them through appropriate conditioning and reintroduce them to new applications, it is with the awareness that waste materials are also resources.


Through its training course in engineering, NTB enables graduates to solve complex, interdisciplinary tasks. NTB actively contributes towards innovative solutions in the electro-mobility segment through its competencies in the fields of electric motors, batteries, vehicle dynamics, torque vectoring and innovative steering systems. SCCER Mobility is conducting research into the thermal management of batteries. The 16-tonne e-excavator developed in cooperation with ETHZ was awarded the Swiss and European Solar Prize 2015.


The Centre for Product and Process Development (ZPP) specialises in innovative product development from initial concept to final serial product in the field of mechanical engineering.
Our goal is to achieve the highest degree of innovation. To this end, we support our partners in product development, develop products ourselves and research new methods, tools, processes and procedures that make the product development process more efficient.

Student Impact

As a student-run non-profit consulting agency, Student Impact supports sustainable start-ups and SMEs with regard to the development of business plans and marketing concepts, the optimisation of processes and structures and the supervision of various strategic projects such as market entry, reorganisation and succession planning. The volunteers at Student Impact place great value on providing top quality when advising their clients. Innovation and creativity best describe their approach, and passion the reason for their commitment.


The business association swisscleantech represents the interests of sustainable Swiss industry. We campaign for clear, free-market trading conditions which reward sustainable business practices, clean-technology innovation and planning certainty. Together we aim to achieve an active, forward-looking strategy for Switzerland in the field of clean technology. We view clean technology as a quality guarantee for resource-efficient, low-emission business practices in every sector. swisscleantech offers its members benefits in terms of both political representation and networking, information and exports.