Futuricum Collect 26E - Quiet, powerful, efficient


The intention is to create a high-quality utility vehicle with no limitations in comparison to conventional diesel vehicles.

The project’s objective is to develop and build an economically operable, 26-tonne e-truck suitable for serial production and with sufficient performance for use in Switzerland’s topography.


The benefits at a glance

  • Economic operation during the period of use thanks to low overall operating costs over an 8-year period
  • No commercial vehicle tax or road tax (depending on the canton)
  • High degree of social acceptance thanks to lower noise and pollution emissions
  • Savings of 1.8kg CO2/km (54 tonnes per year for 30k km)
  • Robust drive
  • Tried and tested components from the automotive industry with a high level of development and test depth
  • Proven li-ion battery from automotive serial production with high cell-quality consistency and low failure rates
  • Cheap prices per kWh are achievable


Diesel litres per 100 km